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Dr. Thao D.H. Ngo has been responsible for creating business strategy, development of partnerships with foreign vendors and investors, here under also the Overseas Vietnamese communities from US, Japan, Asia Pacific and Europe.

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After more than 20 years of living and working in Denmark and other countries; Thao D.H. Ngo has more than 10 years of experience in government relations, management, consulting, and investments in the areas of cross-border business development, strategies, marketing, sales, distribution, technology transfer and technology investments in the CMLV countries (Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam).

Thao D.H. Ngo has been advising and assisting companies with their business expansion and growth strategies within many sectors in Europe and Asian countries.

After more than 12 years of permanent stay in Vietnam and Cambodia, Thao D.H. Ngo has built up a substantial knowledge base of the many sectors in Vietnam and Cambodia at the current state, combined with his background from overseas studies and works. Thao D.H. Ngo is focusing in how to bring the businesses from CMLV countries to the world and vice versa.

First Indochina Group is a group of different companies within Interior Design – Wooden Furniture, Manufacturing, Finance and Investment Advisory, Business Consulting, Real Estate Developments, Software Development and Outsourcing, Travel Services, High-Tech and Telecom, Import/ Export & Trading and Education & Training.

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