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Business in the past, today, and in the future is all about trust. ... and integrity is the foundation sustainable organizations shall be built upon. So supporting enterprises in becoming integer and trustworthy is my main objective to establish the organisational foundations required to enventually increase competitiveness, productivity, and profits.

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I am leading the development and execution of programs related to Responsible Business Development (mainly but not limited to textile, footwear, electronic, construction, food and tourism industry). This includes strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) integration, implementation of Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), preparation for ESG reporting requirements and coaching of businesses to comply with related international standards and buyers' CoCs. In addition such programs are supported by research, education and broad cross-topical stakeholder engagement initiatives.

In principal these programs and initiatives are based on the scope of the ISO26000 (Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility), referring to the OECD Guidelines for MNEs, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and frameworks/treaties on transparency and anti-corruption. The multidimensional nature of RBC today also requires the active consideration of environmental impacts in corporate strategies far beyond legal compliance. Hence Climate Change, Circular Economy, Zero Carbon models, etc. became a critical part of my programmatic work as well.

To improve the local/grassroots uptake, domestication and transcription into the local culture and language is critical. Therefor a wide and substantial network of businesses, associations, iNGOs, and authorities was established and keeps growing based on mutual trust and respect.

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