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Dr. Ha Minh Duong is research director in energy economics, integrated assessment, sustainable development. His values are Excellence, Kindness and Integrity.

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Leader: I founded Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition Social Entreprise in 2018, and the Clean Energy and Sustainable Development lab at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi in 2014. PI on more projects than can be mentioned here. My management practices are inspired by zen buddhism, agile methods, and my parenting experience.
Teacher: K to postdoc, most often Master or Engineering school level, one class or one full course. Hardest teaching was one year of middle-school maths. Wettest is volunteering as a nationally certified windsurfing instructor in the Glenans sailing school. Daddest was online publishing workshops at the Ecole Nouvelle d'Antony with 7-9 years olds.
Interdisciplinary researcher at CIRED, CNRS, France. Love Maths, models and quantitative statistics as much as qualititative methods and surveys. Engineer-Economist by training, I ran projects and copublished with climate scientists, demographers, geologists, social scientists, geographers, forest ecologist…
International speaker: on climate change and energy policy (Nobel-winning IPCC Lead Author for 4th and 5th Assessment Report) for various international diplomatic, professional or political organizations.
Expert: I worked for the French National Research Agency (ANR) on a vision about geoengineering research. I worked for the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) on infra-sounds risks from windmills. And October 2, 2017, I started an assignment as Senior International Energy Statistics Expert (NKE) for EU.
Geek: Up to date on the art and technology of paper and electronic publishing, including social networks, open archivangelist. Publication homepage has been accessible online and up to date since 1996. I keep personal and professional accounts, exact to the second decimal.

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