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Work smarter, not harder with SAP PLM

Online Talk

13-October 2021

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (GMT+07)

Work Smarter, not Harder with SAP PLM

Thuc Nguyen, Sr. Director - Industries 4.0/PLM Solutions Advisor at SAP America

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Thuc Nguyen, Sr. Director - Industries 4.0/PLM Solutions Advisor at SAP America

After 2 years of working at CIDEON America and helping SAP Customers improving their data throughput performance across the entire company and between ERP, PDM/PLM, I have learned that many SAP Customers are implementing SAP just with sole purpose of managing their business processes such as human resources, accounting, customers relationship, manufacturing, etc. Based on our daily conversation with SAP users, I noticed the disconnection between Engineering/R&D and Business Enterprise. Many of them chose to separate PDM/PLM systems and SAP ERP Platform. This disconnection would then cause delays in time to market, manufacturing of the wrong product, higher overhead costs, which impact their net profit.

In many cases, they did not realize that SAP Enterprise Platform is also capable of performing many other functions; supporting cross functional teams, such as managing PDM/PLM and Document Data. SAP Business Platform has one of best kept secret Document Management System (DMS), which customers often already own.

I often hear the old mantra of “work smarter not harder!” too many times in my life and would like to share my personal thoughts with SAP customers who are looking for a way to improve their data throughput between ERP and PLM.

Who is working harder? Continue...

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