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Responsible research publication: international standards for editors

Online Talk

25-August 2021

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (GMT+07)

Sustainability: Halal, The Forgotten Market - Islamic Branding & Marketing

Mr. Ramlan Osman - CEO, Vietnam Halal Center

Responsible Research publication: international standard for Editor

Dr. Thao Ngo, Chairman & CEO Group Global One

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As guardians and stewards of the research record, editors should encourage authors to strive for, and adhere themselves to, the highest standards of publication ethics. Furthermore, editors are in a unique position to indirectly foster responsible conduct of research through their policies and processes. To achieve the maximum effect within the research community, ideally all editors should adhere to universal standards and good practices. While there are important differences between different fields and not all areas covered are relevant to each research community, there are important common editorial policies, processes, and principles that editors should follow to ensure the integrity of the research record. These guidelines are a starting point and are aimed at journal editors in particular. While books and monographs are important and relevant research records in many fields, guidelines for book editors are beyond the scope of these recommendations. It is hoped that in due course such guidelines can be added to this document. Editors should regard themselves as part of the wider professional editorial community, keep themselves abreast of relevant policies and developments, and ensure their editorial staff is trained and kept informed of relevant issues. To be a good editor requires many more principles than are covered here. These suggested principles, policies, and processes are particularly aimed at fostering research and publication integrity. Continue...

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