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PhD & DBA Forum Online Talk: Data Collection Methodology & The Transition to Circular Economy

First topic of discussion is about Data Collection Methodology.

Data collection is a systematic process of gathering observations or measurements to performing research for business or academic purposes into the research problem conducted and shared by Dr. Tran Anh on the aim, type of data, methods and procedures.

Second is the Circular Economy insight viewpoint shared by Dr. Thao Ngo on the transition towards Circular Economy more sustainable practices: foods system, energy, education…. through the lens of social-technical transition theory towards sustainability. We discuss challenges, barriers such as financial, structural, operational, attitudinal, technological, and potential solutions which requires disruptive changes and radical innovations, the capability to deliver. Debate about the integration between sustainability & business development, different perspectives, and domains as well as Circular Economy Model offers

This week Forum is calling for businesses, researchers, scientists, economists to work together to accelerate the transition to circular economy.

Online Talk

Wednesday, 21-July 2021

05:00 PM to 06:00 PM (GMT+07)

Register Here

Richie Duong Thinh

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