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Intentional learning in practice: A 3x3x3 approach

Online Talk

29-September 2021

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (GMT+07)

Intentional Learning in practice

Jessica Lu, Professional Learning Facilitator

Jessica Lu, Professional Learning Facilitator

What drives most of us to learn something new is curiosity and a desire to keep growing. Turning that desire into new capabilities, though, requires a plan. As we have noted in our earlier research about intentional learning, it’s essential to cultivate both the right mindset and the right skills to keep learning throughout our personal and professional lives. Setting small, clear development goals is one of the five core practices of effective learners and serves as an anchor point for seeking out and benefitting from new learning opportunities

Many people have asked us how to best put that advice into practice. Too often, the goals that are set become goals unmet. In our experience, the most effective strategy for achieving learning goals incorporates three key elements:

  • A defined number of clear and immediate goals. It’s fine to have a broad range of aspirations for continued growth. Most effective learners do. The best way to achieve them, though, is to focus on a few concrete goals at any one Continue...

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