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Meet the Leader Online Talk

15-September 2021

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (GMT+07)

Digital Leadership Challenges: Fear & Control

Dr. Thao Ngo, Chairman & CEO Group GlobalOne

Digitalization of Human Research

Dr. Thu Sue, Founding & Managing Director at Clueo Clinical


Dr. Thao Ngo, Chairman & CEO Group GlobalOne

Momentum is growing in the corporate world — more and more companies are realizing that the convergence of advancing technologies will fundamentally change how we live and how we work.

This realization has led some leaders to initiate either a digital transformation or the building of an innovation system. In many cases, the ultimate objective is to “win” — beat the competition by increasing the speed and quality of human learning in order to attain the highest levels of human cognitive and emotional performance in concert with advancing technologies.

Questions that are commonly asked include: Where do we start? How do we structure the initiative? Is the initiative company-wide or siloed? Who leads the initiative? What technology do we need? What skills are we lacking? What is our competition doing? How will we train our employees for new roles as these technologies are implemented? Continue...

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