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Edge containerized Data Center is a secret sauce for Industry 4.0

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We live in a Technology Era and automation advancements involve in many different forms. Automated online payment, self-driving car, things happening at night when we are sleeping. When Klaus Schwab published his book titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and a good Industry 4.0 definition states that “machinery, storage systems and production resources carry out complex tasks, exchange information and give instructions to each other, without much human involvement.” and Companies are expecting to increase automation, security, and resilience and generating big data. This is an opportune time for companies to consider Edge Containerized Data Center in the manufacturing site, either indoor or outdoor.

This Solution will be small and deployed close to reduce latency to provide compute power to process big amount of data generated by IoT sensors and high definition camera. It is about timing, bandwidth and cost and cybersecurity issue as well in case of data being sent to local edge data center and that data center would be used as the single fortress protecting attack from reaching beyond the site. So local edge containerized data center is the top priority and in a 5G architecture, local edge is essential! And the containerized Data Center must be focusing on safest enclosure, most innovation cooling, Megaflex Modular UPS, latest battery technology and cloud based management System

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Richie Duong Thinh Director, ABB Data Center Solutions

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