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Connected Green House

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Online Talk

01-September 2021

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (GMT+07)

Smart Building: The long way to a Circular Economy

Ambran Abu Bakar, Group CEO - Scavai Alliance Pte. Ltd

Connected Green House

Vincent Lu, Chairman - A.Yersin Investment & Technology JSC.,

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Vincent Lu, Chairman - A.Yersin Investment & Technology JSC.,

In this paper, a comprehensive decision support tool based advanced monitoring system is developed to support transition to smart greenhouses for sustainable and clean food production. The decision framework aims to optimally control and manage the microclimate environments of smart connected greenhouses, where each greenhouse is defined as a self-water producing through an enhanced water desalination process. The main advantage of the current approach lies in the ability of the greenhouses to produce their water loads locally. This paper aims to develop an efficient decision tool able of performing specific monitoring and control functionalities to optimize the operation of the greenhouses where the aim is the energy and water savings. A decision model is implemented for the precise regulation and control of the indoor microclimate defining the optimal growth conditions for the crops. Furthermore, a predictive algorithm is developed to simulate in real time the operation of the greenhouses under various conditions, to assess the response of the system to storage dynamics and renewable sources, as well to control the complex indoor microclimate, energy and water flows, as well to optimize the crops growth. The developed tool is tested through a case study where the influences of climate data on the operation of the whole network are analyzed via numerical results. Continue... .

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