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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

AI gives answers Enterprises need to Lead

Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolves a lot in the last 30 years: no need anymore to code nor master algorithms, just use some Software as a Service from a Cloud, and you get answers to lead in today’s chaotic markets with demanding consumers.

Enterprises need to tap to huge reservoirs of information and make up sound decisions and adjusted execution. Vietnam, Small and Medium Business too.

Experiment first, Understand later

The typical IT project justification does not work with AI. Once you think you understand AI well enough, actually you are automating a mindset.

Best practices are about starting small initiatives, be surprised by results, and leap to significant breakthroughs.

AI is more than Automation

Automation is the first step toward industrialization: it standardizes ways of doing. Automation needs a designer (AI) to explore intuitions a staff may have but don’t know nor have no time to investigate.

AI is about correlating information systematically, making “what if” scenarios…

Automation formalizes rules to simplify one’s life. AI is about shortcuts to untapped solutions with outstanding benefits.

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Chuyen Huynh

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