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A Leader's Guide to Getting Out of the Way

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I generated half a million euros in revenue within the first year I started Strategy Sprints.

Whenever I would relentlessly relay this fact to anyone who would listen, those that actually replied did so with something along the lines of: “uh, you must be so happy?”.

I was miserable.

I was always on a plane, all the cities started to look the same and I wasn't seeing my wife enough. I couldn’t see how to do less work without hurting revenue. While fulfilling the work, I had no time to generate leads, my cash flow volatility was too high and sales were volatile enough to keep me awake at night. Then my wife became pregnant.

This was ironic because my company was supposed to help business owners make their jobs feel less like work. In doing so for others, I forgot to do the same for myself. I realized I didn’t know where my business was or what path we were on. Continue...

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